Vorteile der Digitalisierung in der Speditionsbranche

Casa Blog News Vorteile der Digitalisierung in der Speditionsbranche

Vorteile der Digitalisierung in der Speditionsbranche

We all know that, nowadays, digitalization is certain in every industry, especially in the Freight forwarding industry. Because the whole business world is transforming by new technologies and freight forwarding is no exception. This type of digital revolution which is coming with various logistics software is occurring, due to their large number of advantages.  

Digitalization in the freight forwarding industry has been a little slow but at the same time, it was an inevitable process. Today, many things have changed, considering conventional shipping procedures. For instance, now the freight industry has automated port terminals, freight benchmarking services, autonomous ships, proposals of a floating warehouse, and several developed software to automize and optimize companies’ operations. 

Freight forwarders are not only going through a digital transformation in many ways but they are also being threatened by several kinds of companies. Also, carriers are making efforts to digitize their operations to the point that they make their business successful. 

It is really important for all the companies in the industry to keep up with the technological progression and step up with the new digital era. This way, they can neglect the risk of being left out of the market and disappear with time.  

Basically, digitalization can shake things up for freight forwarders. So, it’s up to companies to get ahead of the market by adopting new technology and making it a crucial factor in their business. 

Advantages of Digitalization in the Freight Forwarding Industry   

Decreased Margin of Error

Automation (digitalization) helps in reducing the margin of error in freight forwarding businesses. As machines or systems tend to make fewer mistakes in comparison to human beings. Moreover, freight management software is made to reduce rates and contracts management so that the sales processes can be improved while eliminating errors at the same time.  

Sales on Various Platforms

The conventional ways of doing business were good at bringing results to some extent. However, online sales have proved that the income is greater in it because there are more closed deals and its reduction of costs. It is high time for all freight forwarding companies to open other sales channels so that they can keep up with the trend and growth. 

Also, it is way more profitable to get leads through inbound marketing and convert them into customers than to sell the products in the traditional cold way even for freight forwarders and logistics companies. 

Differentiation and Added Value

With the help of the latest technology, all businesses can get access to features that can add value to their offer and make them unique from their competition. You can see a lot of traditional logistics companies providing almost the same services, but at the same time, the startups are bringing a lot of different values and dominating the market. Hence, it’s up to you, on which side you want to be.  

Efficient Connection with Customers

Gaining customers’ loyalty and trust can be a difficult task, but it is an important key that helps in the growth of a business. Taking your clients to the digital platform makes it easy to build stronger relationships with them. Not to mention, it reduces your workload, as you can talk to many at the same time and offer them good customer treatment.   

Improved Customer Experience

The customer experience plays an important role in their buying decision. A customer is more likely to choose services with a good experience over an average one.  

This is something startups and new digital companies are familiar with and are set to take advantage of it. Therefore, traditional businesses have to get ahead and optimize their customer experience to be able to remain in a competitive lane. For instance, freight forwarders should not take days or weeks to send quotes to the customers. Instead, they should start automating their tasks to speed up the process, so that they can take their customer experience to another level. 

As you have read above, there are a lot of advantages of digitalization in the freight forwarding industry. Gradually, a digital transformation will take over the market. And, fully automized sales and customer experience will become the industry standard while setting up the expectations. So, are you ready to join the evolution process? 

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